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Next litter SPRING 2008 after Trikker and ??
We are planning to keep a bitch from this litter. Dog not yet decided. Stay tuned!

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The pups are born in our dining room and grow up there, until they leave home at the age of 8 weeks. Read more about this under Kennel.

Our puppies are registred in the Danish Kennel Club (acknowledges by FCI),  and they all have ID tatoo or chip. Our stud dogs and brood bitches are all clear from Hip Dysplasia, inherited eye diseases and testes free from Fucosidosis.

The foundation bitch of our Kennel is Pallisters Little Princess, she is a very classic English Springer Spaniel, and very feminine. She got a great temperament, always a happy dog, and very willing to work. She done good at shows, and she is a great mother to her pups, who all show good potential.

Pups & mom playing and eating

When leaving home at the age of 8 weeks the pups are equiped with feed for the first 3 to 4 days. We hand over a leaflet to the new owner(s) with necessary information about adjustment to the new home, feeding, trimming, training, clubs, good books etc. And! - We are always only a phonecall away, where we standby with further information.

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