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Noony's litter. Born 8th april 2002:

Sire: SVCh, SV(U)Ch, NCH
Rindi's Triumph Trophy
 Dam: ConCateNate's Reason to Believe

They are 1 bitch and 5 dogs. All brown/white.

Now we have all found good homes. If you want to see how we developed from week one to week eight, come visit us here!

Below you can find the latest photo's of us. First group-photo's. 8 weeks old:

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Then individual shootings, at this point we were 8 weeks old.

ConCateNate's Always on My Mind.(dog). Bell, - now known as Balou, living in Kopenhagen, DK with his new family; Lykke, Henrik, Elisabeth and two cats:

belluge8-1a.jpg (14229 bytes)                     belluge8-2a.jpg (10324 bytes)

ConCateNate's Love me Tender.(dog). Spot, - now known as Elkjær, living in Str. Heddinge, Zealand, DK with his new family; Tina and Michael:

spotuge8-1a.jpg (15158 bytes)                 spotuge8-2a.jpg (9008 bytes)

ConCateNate's I'm Counting on You.(dog). Gullit, - now known as Magnus, living in Mørke, Jutland, DK with his new family; Helle, Ole, Simon, Nanna, Emma, a Westie called Tessa and a 2 year old ESS bitch caled Molly:

gullituge8-1a.jpg (14107 bytes)               gullituge8-2a.jpg (10535 bytes)

ConCateNate's See See Rider.(dog). 4-Mann, - now known as Ludwig, living in Rungsted, Zealand, DK with his new family; Nete, Niels Henrik, Frederik and Ellen.

4-mannuge8-1a.jpg (14111 bytes)               4-mannuge8-2a.jpg (9986 bytes)

ConCateNate's Burning Love.(dog). Streifer, - now known as Tvebak, living in Møgel Tønder, Jutland, DK with his new family; Malene, Christian and Frida:

streiferuge8-1a.jpg (13855 bytes)            streiferuge8-2a.jpg (10666 bytes)

ConCateNate's Good Luck Charm.(bitch). Creamy, - now known as Boomer, living in Kirke Saaby, Zealand,  DK with her new family; Karin, Johan, Frederik, Cecilie and 4 cats:

creamyuge8-1a.jpg (14160 bytes)             creamyuge8-2a.jpg (10274 bytes)


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