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Sisse's litter. Born on 9th. march 2000:

  Sire:   NUCH Nimblewith Flower Power
  Dam:   DKCH Pallisters Little Princess

They are 4 bitches and 3 dogs. All brown/white

Now we have all found good homes. If you want to see have we developed form week one to week eight come visit us here!.

Here is a little cavalcade from our childhood at ConCateNate's:

Here we are at a dinnerparty, app. 5 weeks old:

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When dining in the Milk-Bar some of us learned artistig tricks, and afterwards we had a good nap.

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Taking a picture of 7 pups, at the age of 8 weeks, is according to our mom very difficult, so below, on the left you have a picture of the girls and on the right a picture of the boys:

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Then of course we had to do individual shootings, and here are the results. At this point we were app. 8 weeks old:

ConCateNate's In the name of Love.(bitch). Now known as Fanzy, living in Sorø in west of Zealand, DK with her new family; Pia and Jacob, a Beagel-cocker, and two other ESS. One of them her half-brother Zig-Zag. Want to follow her in the future? I'm sure Pia will keep you informed on her homepage on the adr.:

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ConCateNate's The Sweetest Thing.(bitch). Now known as Simone, (Named after her father Simon). She is for keep's. She is still living at ConCateNate's, at East of Zealand, DK. Want to follow her in the future? Come back to our homepage.

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ConCateNate's Staring at the Sun.(bitch). (6 weeks at the photo on the left) Now known as Sally, living in Holte in North of Zealand, DK, with her new family; Elsebeth and Søren:

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ConCateNate's Indian Summer Sky.(bitch). Now known as Lazy, living in Helsinge in North of Zealand, DK, with her new family; Jytte and Preben:

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ConCateNate's Walk to the Water.(dog). Now known as Buster, living in Strøby in South of Zealand, DK with his new family; Michael:

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ConCateNate's Fortunate Son.(dog). Now known as Twister, living in Vordingborg in South of Zealand, DK with his new family; Christina and Mads:

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ConCateNate's I will Follow.(dog). Now known as Skipper, living in Herlev near to Copenhagen, DK with his new family; Villy, Helle and Christian:

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This is how it all started!
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