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Sisse's litter. Born on 30th. january 2001:

  Sire:   SU(u)CH Feorlig Proud Spector
  Dam:   DKCH Pallisters Little Princess

They are 2 bitches and 4 dogs. All brown/white

Now we have all found good homes. If you want to see have we developed from week one to week eight come visit us here!

Below you can find the latest photo's of us.  First group-photo's. 8 weeks old:

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Then individual shootings, at this point we are app. 8 - 10 weeks old.

ConCateNate's Flower Child.(bitch). Now known as Lizzy, living in the South of Zealand, DK with the breeder of Pallisters Little Princess; Charlotte Pallesen, 4 other ESS's and a number of Tibetan Spaniels:

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ConCateNate's Landslide of Love.(dog). Now known as Balloo, living at Amager, Copenhagen, DK with his new family; Magaretha and Tonni:

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ConCateNate's The One and Only.(bitch). Now known as Hope, living in Holbæk, Zealand, DK with her new family; Janni and Michael, Dodi a Riesenschnausser, horses and even kangaroos.

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ConCateNate's Don't need a Cover.(dog). Now known as Balou, living in Brøndby near to Copenhagen, DK with his new family; Anni, Bo and Brian:

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ConCateNate's House of Love.(dog). Now known as Max, living in Silkeborg, Jutland, DK with his new family; Trine, Claus, Ida, Peter and Johan:

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ConCateNate's Once in a Lifetime.(dog). Now known as Skipper, living in Ølstykke, Zealand, DK with his new family: Birgit and Poul.

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