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Noony's litter. Born 21st july 2004:

Sire: SVCh, SV(U)Ch, NCH
Rindi's Triumph Trophy
 Dam: ConCateNate's Reason to Believe

They are 2 bitches and 4 dogs. All brown/white.

Now we have all found good homes. If you want to see how we developed from week one to week eight, come visit us here!

Below you can find the latest photo's of us. First group-photo's. 8 weeks old:

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Then individual shootings, at this point we were 8 weeks old.

ConCateNate's Man At The Top.(dog). Dean, - now known as Mickey, living in Lyngby with his new family;
Lise and Poul and a 6 year old ESS named Adam:

dean8ugerb.jpg (4938 bytes)                     dean8ugera.jpg (3609 bytes)

ConCateNate's Dancing in The Dark.(dog). Shy, - now known as Sigge, living in Allerød with his new family; Hanne, Kim, Karoline, Alexander & Phillip:

shy8ugerb.jpg (4987 bytes)                 shy8ugera.jpg (3513 bytes)

ConCateNate's Born To Run.(dog). Tøfting, - now known as Tøffe, living in Stenløse with his new family; Nageena, Ulrich, Elias, Natascha and a cat named "Trylle"

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ConCateNate's No Surender.(bitch). Trikker, - now known as Trikker, Staying at Kennel ConCateNate's

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ConCateNate's Glory Days.(dog). Basso, - now known as Singha, living in Roskilde with his new family; Lisbeth, Erik, Andreas and Malene: 

basso8ugerb.jpg (4953 bytes)            basso8ugera.jpg (3334 bytes)

ConCateNate's Tougher Than The Rest.(bitch). Faith, - now known as Faithy, living in Hedehusene with her new family; Klaus, Regina, Sara and an 8 year old Kleiner Münsterländer named Max:

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