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Sisse's litter. Born on 6th. february 1998:

  Sire:   NUCH Inu-Goya Academy Award
  Dam:   DKCH Pallisters Little Princess

They are 4 bitches and 4 dogs.

Now we have all found good homes. But here is a little cavalcade from our childhood at ConCateNate's:

Here we are at one of our first dinnerparties, app. 4½ weeks old:


And here we are all sleeping in a big pile; we are about 7 weeks old at that time;

Geting together 1Geting together 2

Taking a picture of 8 pups, at the age of 7 weeks, is according to our mom very difficult, so below,  on the left you have a picture of the girls and on the right a picture of the boys:

Girls, girls, girls and girls                  4 upcomming boys

Then of course we had to do individual shootings, and here are the results. At this point we were app. 7 weeks old:

ConCateNate's Country Comfort.(bitch). Now known as Draaben, living on a small Danish island called; Laesoe, east of the very north of Jutland, DK with her new family; Dorith and her husbond, and Trine, who is a pointer:

 Miss Læsø            Dråben

ConCateNate's Maggie May.(bitch). Now known as Maggie, living in the South of Zealand, DK with the breeder of Pallisters Little Princess; Charlotte Pallesen, 3 other ESS's and a number of Tibetan Spaniels:

Miss Here I come             Maggie May

ConCateNate's Reason to believe.(bitch). Now known as Noony, she is for keep's. She is still living at ConCateNate's, and she is so good. She is allready retreiving very well, both feather and hair. She got good rewards at open shows, and at our last open show she was rewarded as Best Baby and BIS4, so she is still living at East of Zealand, DK, and she is staying:

Miss Torslunde        Father's little girl

ConCateNate's Rhytm of my Heart.(dog). Now known as Buller, living in Svendborg on  Funen, one of the bigger islands in Danmark, with his new family; Kristian, Berit, Rasmus and Mikkel. Buller has allso allready been good rewarded at open showes:

Man of the Year            Buller from Svendborg

ConCateNate's Pinball Wizard.(dog). Now known as Nik, living in Kulhuse in North of Zealand, DK with his new family; Paula and Kurt:

A man's Best Friend             Nik from Kulhuse

ConCateNate's A Natural man.(dog). Now known as Greeny, living in Gilleleje in North of Zealand, DK with his new family; Gro and Nils:

The IronMan           Greeny the king of Norway

ConCateNate's Moment og Glory.(dog). Now known as Malle, living in Knardrup in North of Zealand, DK with his new family; Karina and Jan, and Max, who is a pointer. Malle has allso allready been good rewarded at open showes:

I'm the mekanik - Rulle - now Malle

In memory of ConCateNate's Mandoline Wind.(bitch). Carla, who was taken from her family, in a horrible train-accident. Just 1 week before her own one year birthday. May she spread joie in Dog-Heaven. And may she spread the love she was giving on earth. We will all miss You.


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