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ConCateNate's The Sweetest Thing

Sire: NUCH Nimblewhit Flower Power

Dam: DKCH Pallisters Little Princess

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Hey - My pet name is SIMONE. I'm born 09.03.00 and I'm a bitch.

Finaly I'm up-to-date with my photo, as above is from may 2003. I'm still just fooling around, playing with my mother Sisse, my aunty Noony, and old uncle Spinner.  Mom think's I'm never gonna grow up. But what the heck I'm enjoying myself. I got first prize at shows and show great fieldwork. I got A-hips, tested clear of Fucosidiosis and my eys are clear.
In May 2004 I moved in with my new family; Klose at Amager, DK, where I'm enjoing my live as as a petdog. I have a rabbit companion in the backyard and a swimmingpool in the frontyard but I don't care as long as I have my sofa in the livingroom :-) My eks-mom, don't wanted breeds from me. Sow now I'm just looking forward to a good long future with my new familie. And I'm sure I landed in the right place :-)

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