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This is some of our breeding from the 2002 litter. They are all going to be used at hunting.
They are not used to the show stack!
SVCh, SV(U)Ch, NCH Rindi's Triumph Trophy - ConCateNate's Reason to Believe

Pups from the same combination will be available Summer 2004. Feel free to contact us for further information.
We want to keep at bitch from this litter, and we are looking forward to this :-)

elkjaerstaaubsept03.jpg (29594 bytes)
Elkjær, at age 18 month

elkjaertrimsept03.jpg (31349 bytes)
Elkjær, at age 18 month

ludvigstaa.jpg (53431 bytes)
Ludvig, at age 15 month

ludvighop.jpg (60682 bytes)
Ludvig, at age 15 month

ludvigapp.jpg (34749 bytes)
Ludvig, at age 13 month

ludvigboern.jpg (55430 bytes)
Ludvig, at age 15 month

Magnushj.jpg (50480 bytes)
Magnus, at age 11 month

elkjærsommer2003.jpg (57524 bytes)
Elkjær, at age 15 month

boomerkarin280303.jpg (24299 bytes)boomerstå1.jpg (21973 bytes)
Boomer, the bitch, at age 11 month

elkjærnet.jpg (67775 bytes)elkjær5.jpg (47980 bytes)
Elkjær age 11 month

Trappen.jpg (38919 bytes)
Tvebak age 5 month

ludvnet.jpg (8998 bytes)
Ludvig age 7 month

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