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INTCH DKCH VDHCH IZHSG93 Roldens Ridderspore

Sire: Inu-Goya Norweigan Appeal -   Dam: Saxdalens Elvira

Spinner - Roldens Ridderspore

Hey - My pet name is SPINNER. I'm born 07.02.1991 and I'm a dog.

As you may have noticed I bear to my name some titles, reminding me of how well I don in shows. Allready as a youngster I did pretty good, and this encouraged my owners. I got a number of B.I.S., B.I.G. and B.O.B. prizes, which my mom spend a lot of time dusting down. As if this was not enough, my mom keeps reminding me that I'm a gundog, and we therefore spend a lot of time in the field, where I'm retrieving all kinds of games from land or water. I'm especially pleased with the water. Some times we go to a nearby lake, just for relaxing, and I enjoy very much swimming around. Generally I'm a happy dog, although a bit lazy, my mom says. I just love lounging in my chair next to the window over looking our yard. Sometimes I wouldent even bother about the postman, but then of course I have Sisse to remind me.


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